Welcome to the Blue Ridge Comedy Festival!


A weeklong comedy competition held in beautiful Bristol TN/VA.

The comedy competition will consist of three rounds

Preliminary round

December 11 - 14

Comedians will perform 5 minutes


December 15

Comedians will perform 10 minutes


December 16

Comedians will perform 20 minutes

Winners determined by a panel of judges, along with an audience write-in vote that will count as 20% of the total score.

$1,000 Prize to the Festival Winner, $500 to the Runner-up, $250 each for 3rd and 4th place.

Super Secret Shows

Monday: Axe and Ale House
5pm - 7pm

Tuesday: Cascade Drafthouse

5pm - 7pm

Wednesday: Axe and Ale House
5pm - 7pm

Thursday: Cascade Drafthouse
5pm - 7pm

Featured Perfomers:

Ajit Krishnamoorthy - Austin, TX

Alyx Libby - Atlanta, GA

Amanda Kruel - Knoxville, TN

Andrew Ledbetter - Chattanooga, TN

Angela Sawyer - Boston, MA

Ben Dailey - Denver, CO

Brandi Augustus - Knoxville, TN

Bryan O'Donnell - Worcester, MA

Canaan Whichard - Nashville, TN

Carrie Ross - Brooklyn, NY

Chase Hutton - Marion, VA

Chris Cyr - St. Louis, MO

Christian Escoto - Washington DC

Cody Hively - Parkersburg, WV

Curious Starks - Atlanta, GA

Dan Bublitz - Loveland, CO

Derek Nowlin - Radford, VA

EJ Masicampo - Winston-Salem, NC

Gail Grantham - Knoxville, TN

Gary Campbell - Akron, OH

Greg Payne - Coeburn, VA

Holly Ballantine - Atlanta, GA

Jamal Russell - Washington DC

Jared Hazen - Kinsport, TN

Jason Hedden - Panama City, FL

Jeremy Alder - Hillsborough, NC

Joe Bridges - Damascus, VA

Jon Pruett - Kingsport, TN

Josh Lewis - Nashville, TN

JT Cole - Greensboro, NC

Lance Adams - Morristown, VA

Lanny Farmer - Athens, GA

Lauren Frost - Chicago, IL

LG Grey - Bryant, AR

Lou So - Denver, CO

Mack - Chuckey, TN

Marianna Barksdale - Nashville, TN

Mario Trevizo - Asheville, NC

Mary Jane Murphy - New York, NY

Mary Spadaro - Allston, MA

Matt Bedell - Boston, MA

Matt Harris - Chattanooga, TN

Meredith Kerr - Bristol, VA

Michael Mullen - Bristol, TN

Michael Rose - Bristol, TN

Nathaniel Booher - Bristol TN

Paul Snyder - Charlotte, NC

Peachy Tom - Greenville, SC

Rayna Cahill - Huntsville, AL

Ryan Gordon - Asheville, NC

Sean Rosa - Boston, MA

Seth Kays - Nashville, TN

Skyler Champagne - Bristol, TN

Sonya Vai - New York, NY

Tyler Gallant - Knoxville, TN

Tyler Ward - Chicago, IL

Uzair Malik - Boston, MA

Wellington Ojukwu - Norcross, GA

Single-day tickets and full festival passes will be available.


The Blue Ridge Comedy Festival is produced by Blue Ridge Comedy Club, the Southeast's favorite club. The festival will be held annually in Bristol, Tennessee, a city known for its long-standing vibrant arts and culture scene, and burgeoning comedy scene.

For more information about the Blue Ridge Comedy Festival, please email us at info @ blueridgecomedy . com or call us at 423-756-3320.

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