The Best of Boston Comedy

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Fri, Dec 8, 2023
Sat, Dec 9, 2023

The Best of Boston Comedy

Emily Ruskowski

Emily Ruskowski is a one-woman charm offensive. With a style that's totally approachable and instantly impressive, Emily is equally comfortable diving into personal insecurities or workplace nonsense. With an irrepressibly cheerful demeanor, she commands attention and delivers stories loaded with punchline after punchline. Emily’s comedy combines a quick mind, an infectious energy, and a totally unique eye for observation. She brings a genuine sense of fun to material that ranges from a career in social work to a passion for boy bands. Emily has been featured in the Washington Post and Boston Globe and has appeared on the popular 2 Dope Queens Podcast and Laughs TV on Fox.

Laura Severse

Laura Severse is a native Boston comic, actor, and writer. She is a devoted wife, working mother of two, and a gifted storyteller. Laura brings her hard-working, heartfelt approach to life to stages across the country. Laura’s attitude is equal parts bold, brash, kind, and gentle but always funny. She finds humor in everything from climbing the corporate ladder to the trials and tribulations of raising two young children in the heart of a changing city in the midst of a changing world. Audiences have no choice but to be swept up in the joy, pathos, and sheer excitement of a city kid who’s seen it all and can’t wait for more. She is a true Dorchester Debutante with a killer accent and a lifelong addiction to gold hoops, the bigger the better.

Angela Sawyer

Angela Sawyer is a professional middle-aged nice lady, very artsy, who runs comedy shows in terrible bars around Boston. She has done things like sing in a hardcore band, go to school for philosophy, performed throwing cake, recorded an album inside a car, and a bunch of other silly stuff that she mostly forgot because she is quite old.